COVID-19 Protocols & Expectations

When entering the range, there will be a log sheet where everyone is asked to sign in as an individual or a family as well as sign out when leaving.

Masking is required by all individuals who enter the archery range. Shooters will be required to wear their masks while indoors and retrieving their arrows but are not required to wear their masks while shooting on the line. Once the archer has shot their arrows and leaves the line, the mask must be put back on. As always, hand sanitizer will be out around the range and individuals are encouraged to use when needed. Please bring your own chairs for seating if needed or wanted for yourself or children. As always social distancing is encouraged as well.

At this time right now, we do not have a restriction on the number of shooters that we can have on the line at one time but the board of directors has decided to only have every second lane open for the protection of our shooters. This will help with allowing for spacing of shooters when on the line while not wearing masks. We will also be trying (if possible, depending on scheduling and shooting distances) to try and keep members of households in shooting lanes that are beside each other. This may be a work in progress as the year progresses and shooters move to different distances, so we ask for everybody’s patience as we try to work through these challenges.

Please refer back for current protocols and future updates that may be mandated by Timberland Bowbenders governing bodies.