New Members

New Members and Information for Parents

Are you or your child interested in archery? Membership in the Timberland Bowbenders Archery Club is a terrific way to learn a new sport, meet new friends and master new skills and disciple.

The JOP can also be a springboard to advance to Summer Games, Canada Games, and Olympic competitions.

Before purchasing your child their own bow, the club has equipment available to try and experienced coaches to help you get started.

Compound bows are quite common and are the modern choice for competition and hunting. They use cables and pulleys to give superior accuracy, velocity compared to other bows.

Recurve bows are closer to a traditional bow and is used by archers in the Olympics and many other competitive events

Through the year, the club hosts indoor, outdoor and 3D shooting matches where you can win medals and compete with others at your age and skill level.

If you have questions contact any of the club’s executive, or just come to the shooting range and see what it’s all about.